Breakfast Meeting between S. Ex.ª Interim Minister MKAE, MTCI and CCI-TL

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Dili, 2 August 2019- Breakfast Meeting between S. Ex.ª Interim Minister MKAE and MTCI, Sr. Fidelis Magalhães, CCI-TL and Government Agencies.

MKAE and MTCI Interim Minister Mr. Fidelis Manuel Magalhães participated in this meeting is to discuss the challenges and defined solutions faced in private sector. The cooperative work needs to develop between the government agencies that under umbrella of MKAE and this sector. That will generate positive affect in economic growth and contributing substantially in the development of Timor-Leste.

The conclusion and solution are determent, base   analyses   impediments propose by the private sector. For instance, Government will have to ensure   appropriate mechanize systems of their services, therefore implementing regulations that will empower and capacitate   the human resources factors.

For instance, simplify the forms of registration systems for the companies to comply in which will provide proper efficient services. Certain requirements need to  impose for  investors to incentivize and generate new job opportunities in order to reduce the percentage of unemployment.

Also present, the cooperative Agencies such as Trade Invest, SERVE, Alfaesa and BNCTL in which, all beneficiary in improving quality of their services  

One of the main economy pillar, not mention Public and cooperative sectors accordantly. Economic policies need to be refined in order for preservation and protection of the economic growth. For instance, to further strengthening of becoming   self-sufficient and readiness to compete economically.

MKAE interim, propose and recommend regularize schedule meeting of agencies involved and the business community needed to be establish.

The strong bond had being established between MKAE and CCI-TL. In this meeting and this find morning, the subject of private sector and most importantly the economic affair in this country, refreeze by The President of CCI-TL Sr. Oscar Lima

 What regards to land and property law, that will for certain is important for financial institutes to facilitate credits loans and payment in they quest for solutions in this issues. The questions of economic limitation are the topic of discussions and the government should take in the consideration on evaluations and reassessment of this issue to be solved.

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