Camara Comercio Industria Timor – Leste (CCI-TL) Foto//: MEdia Officer.Merry Fernandes

CCI-TL Raised the question of Pending Payments to the Prime Minister

The structure of the CCI-TL and District held a meeting with the Prime Minister

The Government Palace, (11/01/2018), the President of the CCI-TL and Structure CCI-TL held a Dialogue with the Prime Minister, Dr. Mari Bim Amude Alkatiri.

The President Of The CCI-TL, Mr. Oscar Lima, the Government has not been allocated to payments to contractors and public projects that have been completed and the implications of the payment delays create great difficulties for the functioning of normal business activities in the country, and contribute to the cause of economic crisis situation.

Review of Decree-Law that Regulate about I so-Tank, which is a major problem because no oil and when we will not include I so-Tank oil as these oil to we all must bring Tank and Board is entered, due to I so-Tank oil worldwide is all access I so-Tank oil and asked government do please should talk back with ANPM (Petroleum and Mineral National this Authority) to review the Decree-Law No. 23/2017, in the System of Credit that is the first s. had to provide assistance to small and Medium Companies but to date has not yet been regulations and mechanisms to regulate the system itself, which will be prepared by the Central Bank and we ask for government they can see live on the System of this Credit.

Ask the Government can capitalize again Bank Central Timor-Leste because we alone are now providing the system to facilitate access to credit and the Civil Constructor in even time also we ask government can invest in Bank Central Timor-Leste will take also to invest in the country’s development the Bank Central Timor-Leste of investment, greater than 2% comes from the Petroleum Fund, and also urges the Government of credit easing can interest.

See also the law of the land has been promulgated by the President of the Republic, to urge the Government should create a decree law to facilitate the Bank cited to use Certificate of land ownership as or ensure access to credit in the banks.

Ask the Government could create also a Department of Land price as class A or B and people’s homes in itself, otherwise may have certificates and land have class 1 or class 2 because this is very important and otherwise land him just like all only if 5 Us as and 10 Us as well as all, ask government seems to this survey benefit for entrepreneurs to bring entrepreneurs include land in order to discuss on their interest.

Vice President of the CCI-TL Mineral Affairs, Mr. Dr. Sidonio Freitas, added the President’s words about in DL No. 1/2012 talked about the role that AMP and evaluation of creating regulations and regulate the transportation and oil, are they able to make the rules and regulations that prohibit I so-Tank oil do not enter because it is asked to make the transport can consult and so can be implemented and its benefits.

Explain about the budget Payment infrastructure, the company should register is clear and contracts in progress, the certified and documentation in them, this is the process of payment. Payment is about some of his subjects not attributed sum allocated to the attributed sum contract 2017 balance of work and the budget in greater $223 in December 2017, we succeeded in achieving 90%.

The system obeying the law, tables is of no confidence government until July this project is to take effect on the project’s appointment should be completed. What will parlance previous project which contracts, July Augustus apart and otherwise were rule should clarify, well defined annual fund. Prepared three supplementary, from April to May other from June was started, s finally began in July, s. said that there will be economic impact is political reality we now.

Address by the Prime Minister that the noted Bank Central Timor-Leste now no money to offer Credit, and due to what? Since the companies to make money to pay. Interest rate is preparing a decree law to regulate, with DL which define commercial value must do something to resolve the situation.

The meeting took place at Palacio do Government, (Media Officer TL-TL)